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Server Errors and Downtime

Joseph T.

Posted 7:07 pm, 05/16/2021


Posted 8:54 pm, 05/15/2021

I had to send some hackers $5 million, but I think it's good now

Thats funny I was going to ask if you down load any ransom ware or forgot to pay you google tax.


Posted 7:06 pm, 05/16/2021

The world is a strange place full of strange things, I wonder if we will ever know? I don't think it was the secret service. That would be more like something the CIA would do. A witch or a Warlock, that has possiblities.


Posted 7:03 pm, 05/16/2021

Godless put a spell on it.


Posted 7:00 pm, 05/16/2021

It's clear to me that one of two things happened:

1. the Secret Service infiltrated the server on behalf of one politician or another; or

2. a witch or warlock cursed the site.

The only other explanation is that the new server had a faulty hard drive, and once a bad sector was reached it caused a crash. But that seems like a real stretch when compared to the other possibilities


Posted 6:46 pm, 05/16/2021

It is also interesting that only GW is having problems. I guess a crashed hard drive could have caused the problems but it is wierd that even the back up was crashed also. It seems almost apparently that someone hacked GW. The question is "why"? I wonder if it is because of management or because of the type of posts allowed on GW? In my mind it could be either.


Posted 6:39 pm, 05/16/2021

CONRAD (view profile)

Posted 5:48 pm, 05/16/2021

sppringytenfortyeightacumen shows back up and look what happened.

Interesting, ain't it?


Posted 6:36 pm, 05/16/2021

One word, EXORCUSM!

Darryl Shepherd 46

Posted 6:23 pm, 05/16/2021

I have lost all my emails can you recover them


Posted 5:55 pm, 05/16/2021

OK, here's what's going on.

At 9:30pm yesterday (Saturday), everything seemed like it was good. I went downstairs, and while I was gone something happened to the hard drive at around 10:30pm that appears to have wiped out roughly 66% of the data in the database.

I don't have any software updates running at that time, and there's nothing in any of the logs. I'm only guessing that there was some sort of remaining corruption in the hard drive.

So I've spent all of last night and today installing a new hard drive, installing the operating system and programming languages from scratch, then restoring all of the GoNC files manually.

In doing so, I discovered that my last database backup was corrupted and would not reinstall. So for the database tables that had disappeared, I had to drop back to a backup from December 19, 2020.

I have almost everything double-backed up by email, so right now I'm working to restore lost data between December 19 and today. Newer usernames will not be able to log in until that data is restored, but I hope to have those restored this evening.

But for privacy reasons I do not have a secondary backup of Private Messages. Unless I can recover data on the old hard drive (which I'll be trying to do tonight) then I'm afraid that any message sent in the last 5 months is permanently lost

I'm doing everything I can, so please just bear with me.


Posted 5:53 pm, 05/16/2021

Biden must have been screwing with your server because he has messed everything else up since he got control of U.S. dealings..


Posted 5:52 pm, 05/16/2021

Jason has probably gained 25lbs or mo....


Posted 5:48 pm, 05/16/2021

sppringytenfortyeightacumen shows back up and look what happened.


Posted 5:42 pm, 05/16/2021

Rumplickin Russians have hacked us🥲


Posted 4:53 pm, 05/16/2021



Posted 2:00 am, 05/16/2021

I'm not sure what has happened, but right now it looks like a lot of our database is just... gone. So no one will be able to get logged in until it's fixed.

I'm working on it, so please bear with me.


Posted 9:29 pm, 05/15/2021

Obamabots did it. With the help of our alien overlords.


Posted 9:26 pm, 05/15/2021

Haven't you lean your lesson yet?


Posted 9:12 pm, 05/15/2021

Thanks, Obama


Posted 9:02 pm, 05/15/2021

Waiting until someone equates the board being down to the gas "shortage"...or maybe it was the clone of Joe Biden's hologram...

We have to come up with a better story!


Posted 8:57 pm, 05/15/2021

LOL! Good job, Jason!

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