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what's for breakfast?
What are u having?

Charlotte police lip sync
Funny https://www.charlott...44825.html

Let's Play a Game - Word Association
Here's the game: I say a word, and someone else says the first word that comes to his/her head, then someone else says the first word tha...

State Senate overrides two of Cooper's vetoes
Thoughts on these bills? The first changes judicial districts in Wake and Mecklenburg counties, which seems odd to me since it's after th...

$500,000 to be funneled to campaign contributors
In the guise of increasing funding to the states Sheriff departments, the new NC budget is trying to hide $500,000 to be given to a softw...

anyone know of a really really cheap place to rent?
I have a friend who needs a place of his own. He's from out of town and fresh out of a relationship so he's travelling light if you know ...

Low Gap Grocery & Grill
What happened to this store? Just noticed it was closed.

Milk by any other name...
In an attempt to show just how much power the lobbyists actually have, our lovely NC government is now trying to make it illegal to call ...

A Wish Foundation
Hi my name is Ron i'm not sure neither are the doctor's cause the rarity of my cancer.No i.m not a scammer or looking for away to make mo...

Please pray for our Troopers this morning as We have lost one of our own in a terrible crash last night.

Motorcycle Hit on Newsoms Street
The Guy who got hit on newsome street on his bike last week is he alright.

alterations for uniforms
Need recommendations for someone in the Wilkes/Elkin area that can alter work uniforms. Thanks.

T Mobile Elkin Area?
Does anyone use T Mobile in the Elkin/State Road/Thurmond area? Can you please tell me about the coverage? Dropped calls, dead spots, etc...

wine fest in elking
has anyone ever gone whats the 411

Welcome Winos! If you can survive the devastating thunderstorms, the moskeeters and the local 'Tudes, you'll probably have a good time. D...

new to the area where are the best swimming holes?
Hey y'all! I'm looking for a good swimmin' hole in or around the Lowgap area. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

To the young lady at Elkin this evening.Thank you for showing respect to a fellow fisherman.More people need todo the same.

School shooting??
Can anyone here confirm if there was in fact a shooting at north Surry today? Have heard from two different people in past 10 minutes. I ...

Sheriff Candidates
Folks make sure when you go out to vote that you vote for Jimmy Combs the current sheriff who is doing everything in how power to help ma...

Hello everyone! I recently answered an ad from the user NEWWORLDSTUDIOS looking for actresses for a local movie. It said 18 and up. I am ...


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