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Surry has first case of Coronavirus
Wilkes was among about 35 North Carolina counties still with no confirmed cases of COVID 19 cases by 11 a.m. Thursday, the N.C. Departmen...

Alert: Jury Scam
Everyone please let your friends and family know about a jury scam going on in Yadkin County. The caller identifies themselves as a membe...

what's for breakfast?
What are u having?

Jobs at our hospital
I guess things are about to get real at our local hospital. Cutting jobs or forcing employees to work in other areas. Areas that some hav...

Gowilkes only on cellular
Why is gowilkes only working on cellular data?

Harbor Freight
Any truth to the rumor that they're opening in the old Walmart? That's a huge building, and with nothing else that way but Ingles I don't...

Honest question for leftists
After last night's debate, are you encouraged or discouraged ??

Attorney in Surry County
Could someone recommend an attorney in Surry County (or surrounding areas) for a speeding ticket? Someone reliable and reasonably priced.

Letter to the Elkin Tribune
To the Editor: Why has the Democrat Party entrusted its public image to a handful of unsympathetic, perpetually offended women? Why must ...

Royal's Soda Shoppe
Looks like they're going out of business again... They crack me up, though. Somehow, they think it's the TOWN's fault that they're closin...

Craft Beers & Reviews
I've recently developed a taste for craft beers. I don't drink often (maybe one beer a week), and there are a lot to choose from, so I th...

Scary stuff, in Winston
This is scary to think about, really. Two guys worked for the city but really hated one another. So one of them, 61 year old Steven Haizl...

339 n bridge st apartments. in elkin
public service announcement regarding the bridge street apartments in elkin. if you value your health and sanity steer clear of this slum...

What was the joke?
Student made joke about Trump in improv sketch. Now Surry Sheriff's Department is investigating The Surry County Sheriff's Office is inve...

Did they ever catch the guy who set fire inside the Elkin Wally Mart?
Just curious.

Elkin Mayor has Video Proof
that traffic does NOT back up after converting two of four lanes on North Bridge St to bike lanes.

This one is in Mt. Airy. This 29 year old guy, Michael McCreary, posts a video of himself using meth on social media. The police show up ...

Michaelhjsr needs prayers
Michaelhjsr needs prayers.

Amber Alert issued for 3 year old Greensboro girl
An Amber Alert has been issued for Ahlora Ashanti Sample Lindiment, who is described as a 3 year old girl with brown eyes and black hair,...

Goodys In Elkin Closing
Anyone know what's going in there after they leave


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