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what's for breakfast?
What are u having?

There is a rumor that the brilliant town fathers of Elkin have sold one of the community parks.
What could have possessed their minds? What consideration did they give to the soccer teams whose season is now in jeopardy? Whose friend...

traffic accidents
how many more are going to be killed by s talking on the cell. your driver license is the privilege that you paid dmv to allow you to dri...

CC Camp Road
Elkin police and the NC Highway Patrol are investigating a deadly crash along CC Camp Rd. near Interstate 77. According to the chief of p...

Rumor Ingles to close down
I know a lot in eastern Wilkes won’t be happy but I heard they are watching sales closely this year in Elkin.

220 lose jobs today in Surry, Wilkes employees
I know several commuters to the hands brand manufacturing plant lost their job today. I was kind of shocked we would lose even more jobs ...

New Badcock Store in Elkin to close down?
Brand new clean store but nobody on that side of town. Less than two cars all day. Heard business was terrible for a new store.

Pink Zebra
Hi, I am going to start selling Pink Zebra and was wondering if anyone would like to book some parties? For those of you that don’t kno...

Simply Chic Main St Elkin?
anyone know when Simply Chic will open and who the owner is?

Auto Accident 1/19/2019
Does anyone know anything about a car flipping over due to hydroplaning? The accident was in Surry County. I am guessing either on I77, 6...

camera work
Does anyone know anyone local that works on cameras .My wife hsa a very nice camers but one of the lenses has a smudge inside the lens ho...

Silver Alert from Elkin (picture included)
The N.C. Center for Missing Persons has issued a Silver Alert for a missing Elkin woman, Jeana Piercy Byers, 68, was last seen at 253 PGW...

Any DirecTV customers here?
AT&T has said they have launched their last satellite. Soon your service will be brought to you entirely through the internet. https://sp...

Report Shows Facebook Let Corporate Partners Read Users' Private Messages
Outrage After Report Shows Facebook Let Corporate Partners Read Users' Private Messages ...a bombshell New York Times report late Tuesday...

Election Results
The results won't start coming in until later tonight, but please use this thread to discuss them as they occur. You can see the most acc...

Has anyone heard anything from or seen Dennis Cooke from Jonesville?
He seems to have just vanished!!

$500,000 to be funneled to campaign contributors
In the guise of increasing funding to the states Sheriff departments, the new NC budget is trying to hide $500,000 to be given to a softw...

Hosts Sought for International Exchange Students
Surry County is actively seeking families to host foreign exchange students for the remainder of the current school year as well as the ...

John Worth Wiles for North Carolina House District 90
Good Afternoon, I am posting to both introduce our campaign and to ensure that those who frequent GoSurry are aware of our campaign. Chec...

12 more days
Just 12 short days until John Worthless Wiles realizes just how much he is hated by his own community. Perhaps after the election he will...


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