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rant sports posted news about unc
North Carolina not guilty of alleged ncaa violations---- Nov. 9- 2014 . Read story maybe good news for unc basketball. Go read thread of it

Not posting player stats is a dang shame
Went to maxpreps to see how all the kids were doing in basketball this year and was very confused. There was only individual stats on the...

Middle School Basketball
How does the Middle School teams look this year. Anyone have any predictions?

North Wilkes Boys Basketball
Was it my imagination or did Coach Marty Behrens quit coaching his team in the first quarter of the game? He has brought this program dow...

Scores from the Mountain Valley on 12-16
Anyone know the scores of the boys game between North and Central as well as East and West. It's easier to get a leak from the CIA than i...

High School Basketball
High School basketball is starting up any predictions?

Congratulations to ex-WCHS runner Laney Browder
Go to the link below to read some cool accomplishments for this young lady, now running all 3 track seasons at Western Carolina. She not ...

CWMS Basketball
I can not believe how the 8th grade boys Basketball coach acted tonight. He has no class whatsoever! Still pressing the ball even after u...

Anyone hear about a brawl at the ES/MA game last night.
I heard on another forum that there was a fight at the East Surry Mt airy game last night. Is that correct? did it happen during the game...

High School Politics
As a fan of all basketball teams in Wilkes County, the most negative and discouraging thing I have witnessed concerning our Varsity boys ...

MVC boys predictions
With basketball practice under way, what are your thoughts on the order of finish this year for the boys MVC. MY thoughts are 1 Alleghany...

duke university investigating possible academic misconduct in computer science classes
Go read story, will any sports students be involved?? Dook maybe a bunch of cheaters as dook fans call unc fans, lol take some to know some

Why are ALL the Wilkes Trash Talkers So Quiet.It's still football season in Ashe,Alleghany&Yadkin
Just wondering?? Every now and then the cream has a way of rising to the top even out of a "toilet bowl" conference. It's funny...

Mountain Valley Basketball
How to people feel about all the teams in the MVC this year. The season is young but it looks like some surprises in the non conference r...

Wilkes central wrestling team how y'all think we will do

It sucks enough to be him, ALREADY!!! http://carolinasucks.com/im...nuggie.jpg

Duke or UNC
Im a Duke Basketball fan how about you?

panther / saints
HUGE fight @ PANTHER / SAINTS NFL game directv ch 8

church girl
did the church girl tht played for north quit playin ball ?? does anyone kno and even kno where she playd at ???

did the coach get fired because there was stuff going on ???? thts what the buzz is about and do you think it is true ???? i am hearing i...


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