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2014 First Friday Night Football!!
Who will win in first night of 2014 Friday Night Football? North Wilkes @ West Caldwell West Wilkes @ Mitchell Wilkes Central vs. North I...

correction thread UNC HAS 5 ncaa titles, duke has 4 ncaa titles
Thanks, just helping out with the facts

ESPN.COM NFL Fantasy Weekly Picks
I created a group @ ESPN.COM to make your weekly picks for each game starting week one of the NFL season. Group name: GOWILKES - Password...

WELCOME TARHEEL FANS----the TARHEELS football team opens season sat. at 12:30pm in kenden stad. unc's home field. VS ELON. game live on c...

Confused about Football
My grandson was telling me that now in football practice that they do not let the boys hit at game speed or even practice tackling. I wat...

It's great that students from millers creek Christian school can now participate in west wilkes middle school football. Now how can they ...

High school football week 2
Ashe County 16 Watauga 13

Blue Ridge Youth Football
Youth football season is fast approaching. Who are the teams to beat this season? Anyone repeating? Midgets: Will it be a Central and Ash...

How about them COWBOYS!!

JV Football Scores Only!!
This topic will be JV scores only for this year.

acms football
Well I just heard today that their great almighty leader "qb" lead a act of bulling against one of the 7th grade players ,and u...

North JV's at South Stokes!!
The time of the JV at South Stokes for this Thursday has been changed to 6:30pm instead of 7pm kick-off. Make the change to your schedule...

1st and 2nd grade yellow jackets football
Anybody know where I can get a schedule at for this team??

Fords are slow and junky
Chevys are getting ready to whip some ford arse again. Chevy will take the championship. I feel sorry for anyone trying to race with a fo...

Nascar Sprint Cup Series.
Post the driver that you think that will win on Race Day. News...Etc....

West high JV football
What was the score last night and stats of the game?

Jv Scores?
Anyone got any info? All I know now is: East Wilkes 38, South Stokes 0 North Surry 34, Ashe Co 26

whinny football parents
dont you love it when some parents can whin and get anything....here we go again east

Wilkes central fb
How they looking??? Who's the qb? Who are the players 2 look for....what offense and how's the new cosxh. Will the rebound from Las year????

NFL Pre-Season Game!!
How will the Carolina Panthers do against the Bills tonight? Heard that Cam Newton will not play!!


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