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There is a rumor that the brilliant town fathers of Elkin have sold one of the community parks.


Posted 11:00 pm, 05/22/2019

elkin is no different than any other town or state in the country. when chatham went belly up and the jobs were lost that was the beginning of the end of elkin. elkin is a broke bankrupt town till thousands of new jobs are created . elkin is to small to grow much and because of that its the reason chatham park got sold , anything to make a buck. why do you think states are selling marijuana , to rake in the money thats why. now you know if elkin can make a buck thats all they care about.


Posted 9:23 am, 05/15/2019

hey therealelkin, i'm not bitter about elections or even you calling me names (demo_rats) which is childish bull****. just expressing my opinion.

sparkling water

Posted 9:10 am, 05/15/2019

This from the Wednesday Tribune:

The board approved an indemnity agreement with Gerald Davis II, recent purchaser of Chatham Park, working toward the town continuing to use the park. Cornelison said progress is being made on a lease agreement with Davis for the park, which should be presented to the board at its June meeting.


Posted 10:19 pm, 05/13/2019

Who would have ever thought Elkin would be such a great place for a trailer park.

30 ball teams use the property yet the town didn’t value them enough to purchase the property???

sparkling water

Posted 9:57 pm, 05/13/2019

sparkling water

Posted 9:48 pm, 05/13/2019

Isn’t the town board a nonpartisan entity??


Posted 9:41 pm, 05/13/2019

Hey stones, still bitter about loosing elections I see. Typical demo_rat


Posted 7:41 pm, 05/13/2019

Maybe it's a Republican thing. sounds like it

sparkling water

Posted 6:41 pm, 05/13/2019

There is a sign. Looks like it’s not just a rumor.

There is a Freddie Davis 336-648-1741 on the Private Property sign.

This is a sad time for the kids of the Elkin area.

Perhaps, if they’d have sold Town Hall, less damage would have been done.

Wonder if Freddie would trade the field for Town Hall ??


Posted 12:50 pm, 05/13/2019

Chatham park was sold this past week, there is currently a no trespassing/ private property sign up


Posted 10:38 pm, 05/12/2019


sparkling water

Posted 6:36 pm, 05/12/2019

What could have possessed their minds?

What consideration did they give to the soccer teams whose season is now in jeopardy?

Whose friend benefited from the sale?

This is Bovine Excrement of the foulest kind.

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