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Shooting at Angry Troll


Posted 3:21 pm, 07/25/2023

Good point! He didn't shoot a person... he shot three people!

sparkling water

Posted 3:14 pm, 07/25/2023

Or he is denying the personhood of the victims.


Posted 2:59 pm, 07/25/2023

"At no time did he shoot a person," Grissom said in his account of the incident.

The shooting victims, according police, were transported by ambulance to hospitals to be treated for their injuries - two were taken to Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, and one was taken to Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital in Elkin.


Somebody's not telling the truth...


Posted 11:48 am, 07/20/2023

I might need an interpreter for backontrack.

That makes no sense at all unless I am just out of the loop on everything here.


Posted 4:57 pm, 07/19/2023

We was wondering how long it would take for you fellers to bring up Surry. Looks like the Go feller ain't been having no more luck on the site up there than he is in Ashe. Our sources said the new Mt Airy executive director is purdier than Aunt Bea and is bilingual also. She will for sure do a fine job being in charge but we would like to know why she didn't want to be a teacher in Ashe no more? Any idie, Anti?

sparkling water

Posted 4:52 pm, 07/19/2023

Well now, the feller who owns the joint is saying nobody was actually shot.

This is from the Elkin Tribune:

Richard Grissom, co-owner of Angry Troll Brewing, said that Rojas had been inside with a firearm and was asked to leave. Grissom said Rojas was leaving to put the weapon in his car when he became involved in a argument outside the restaurant. According to Grissom, Rojas punched an off-duty employee and was restrained. It was then, said Grissom, that Rojas "fired two shots into the ground, and two into the air"

"At no time did he shoot a person," Grissom said in his account of the incident.


Posted 4:38 pm, 07/19/2023

Jesus. Relax. You're exploding over a common euphemism. I'm sorry I said any **** thing


Posted 4:35 pm, 07/19/2023

Oh so you don't know the DA hmmmmm ? You base you A** sertions on what you've seen in the past ? I get it. You just A** Ume that the DA in this case will slap someone on the wrist. I mean anti, your A** sumptuous is nothing but A**.

Unless you know anything about the investigation to the incident why bring up conspiracy theories regarding the incident. The take away is never A** ume anything until those things are made public.

You seem to have knowledge especially about public figures whom you don't know or have never met but yet even their character with out knowing their character I just wonder what email you've gotten on the surry county DA ?


Posted 4:23 pm, 07/19/2023

I think that the phrase "knowing the DA" is a fairly well known euphemism. It means "based on what you already know about the person."


Posted 3:57 pm, 07/19/2023

So you have read ? I mean come on now I've read the little engine that could. You've stated you know the DA so tell us the DA's mind anti


Posted 3:53 pm, 07/19/2023

I read that 95% of criminal cases in Surry end in a plea deal. I can't find that stat right now, though, so that's just from memory.

It wasn't too long ago that a Surry commissioner was charged with 4 felonies, and he ended up with a 6 month suspended sentence and 3 years of probation.

But in this case, of course, the last name "Rojas" might mean this kid gets the book thrown at him. You know, to look tough on "crime" and whatnot...


Posted 3:44 pm, 07/19/2023

Knowing the DA... probably probation

So anti knows the DA fraud m surry county? Hmmmmmm this should be interesting and Anti how long have you known the DA of surry county?


Posted 3:20 pm, 07/19/2023

Names of the victims haven't been released, but the shooter was David Zavaleta Rojas (26).

It sounds like he was drunk, but shot with intent to kill.

A single conviction carries a maximum sentence of 88 months, but I'm not sure how 3 convictions would work. Knowing the DA... probably probation

sparkling water

Posted 8:45 am, 07/19/2023

Are you saying that the AT is the dark underbelly of a pretentious little town ?


Posted 8:38 am, 07/19/2023

this guy wasn't the only one nor the only time a gun has been reported at the troll. on several occasions peope bring guns and drugs into the place to sell


Posted 4:07 pm, 07/17/2023

Anybody heard who was shot last night?

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