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Scary stuff, in Winston


Posted 4:54 pm, 12/22/2019

When I hear about these shootings I always wonder who the real victims are. Just because someone get shot don't make them the good guy and just because someone shoots someone don't make them the bad guy. There are some people who deserve to get shot.

Impeached Sparkling Water

Posted 4:32 pm, 12/22/2019

Sounds like the Employee Assistance Program has failed.


Posted 3:55 pm, 12/22/2019

and this customer....barber shot over haircut...


Posted 3:46 pm, 12/22/2019

Too bad this murderer had guns.


Posted 3:46 pm, 12/22/2019

what happened to Human Resources....surely someone else had to know there was something going on between these guys, one would think!


Posted 3:42 pm, 12/22/2019

This is scary to think about, really. Two guys worked for the city but really hated one another. So one of them, 61 year old Steven Haizlip, brought several guns to work to shoot and kill his coworker, 48 year old Terry Lee Cobb Jr.

He also shot another city employee and a cop, but didn't kill them.

Police responded and ended up killing Haizlip in a short gunfight.

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