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John Worth Wiles for North Carolina House District 90


Posted 5:59 pm, 10/20/2018

no, I'm not changing the subject, I'm simply pointing out the connection between what you're saying and comments and speeches I've heard hate groups make.which by the way all vote Repub I guess you all got the memo. but compliments, you have all the Fox news, Republican, Russian talking points memorized just about perfect. your Christian values drops off a little with all this hatred you are spewing..but what the ****. you lose all credibility when you do that. But no I have little interest in your opinions, and that's all I've heard. and like I said you lost the argument three or four comments back as far as I'm concerned.


Posted 1:12 pm, 10/20/2018

So if I am to understand this correctly, you are attempting to steer this conversation away from the fact that John Worthless Wiles is the absolute worst and most incompetent candidate we have ever seen in this area to attacking the greatest president this nation has seen in decades???

You say that Worthless is the answer to mean sprited politics yet like so many spineless liberals you are quick to spread lies and attacks against any good and honest conservative who doesn’t agree with you.

Wait for midterms, you will see just how tired this nation has become of the filthy liberal agenda. You are driving away all the old school Democrats with your extreme views. Ever since trump was elected you people have whined and cried like a bunch of spoiled children. When a child acts like a brat crying because they can’t have their way they receive a spanking, you demo_rats are about to get the mother of all spankings at midterms. Do you not think the independent voters see this??? You and your party are exactly what is wrong with this country.


Posted 11:49 am, 10/20/2018

you find fault with a good and decent man like Wiles yet you support Trumpism I find the hypocracy the double standard here stunning, jaw dropping..I can't wait for the Republican national convention I can see it all now KKK, white nationalist ( fascist) neo-Nazis rubbing elbows with conservative Christians, going to be some convention..We are expecting many and I mean many protest votes from Republican voters. who will vote Democrat in protest to Trumps shameful tactics.. and there will be many


Posted 11:35 am, 10/20/2018

.The Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act, to make the largest investment in college aid in American history. [OPPOSED BY 100 % OF HOUSE REPUBLICANS]


Posted 7:59 am, 10/20/2018

Why should we believe John will not work to undermine religion??? He has already worked to undermine religion and has Never held an elected office. (Being head Demo_rat in Surry County doesn’t count in my book) John publicly argued against putting our national motto on town hall. He obviously doesn’t believe in what our national motto stands for, so is it our great nation Worthless has a problem with or is it God he has a problem with???

You spout the same old demo_rat BS about health care, ask a few people around this area how they feel about it. Health care may be a right but health insurance is not. Who has to pay for all that??? Ask a doctor how they feel about that. All this is, is another way to set up more dependence on the government for low income people.

You somehow think taxing the companies that pay all our salaries more is a good idea. If a company is more profitable than the employees will be more profitable. That’s common since, you cont grow and hire more employees if you aren’t making any money. Taxes should be fair every person should pay their fair share and demonizing successful people and saying that they should pay a much higher percentage is absurd. Just another Demo_rat argument to prey on poor perple and try to pick up a vote.


Posted 2:04 am, 10/20/2018

The Economic Recovery Act, to save and create millions of jobs and cut taxes for 98 percent of Americans. [OPPOSED BY 100 % OF HOUSE REPUBLICANS] these are the goals set forth by the Democratic Party. I know because I attend the meetings, We are a political party not a religious party obviously this ranting individual has memorized certain neo- conservative talking points, But I can assure you its a political strategy and nothing more than a ploy to discredit a good man who has held political office. The chairmanship of the county is an elected position. I will continue posting the true agenda's of the Democrat party past and present.
The rants of this individual are sounding rather creepy at best.


Posted 1:17 am, 10/20/2018

Health Insurance Reform, to recognize health care as a right, not a privilege and put a stop to the worst abuses by insurance companies including discrimination against people with pre-existing medical conditions. [OPPOSED BY 100 % OF HOUSE REPUBLICANS

vote for a Democrat.. vote for John Wiles


Posted 12:38 am, 10/20/2018

we share in this country the freedom of religion meaning we can attend any church or none of the above. I can assure anyone who see's this that John Wiles is a good and decent man regardless of what this hateful person keeps ranting. John will not spend his time in Raleigh trying to undermine religion in North Carolina, the notion is absurd. He will on the other hand work towards lowering medical insurance cost and making it affordable for all. He would work towards raising wages for hard working Americans. I can name of many things John is in favor of that help people struggling to make ends meet. It's the agenda of the Democratic party to help the poor, working poor and the middle class not by giving tax breaks to big business or rich buddies thinking it will trickle down it's a joke and an old one at that, also frankly, The Democratic Party could give one whit about where you go to church. That's simply a lie this idiot keeps ranting and couldn't be any further from the truth.. just a flat outright lie. vote for John Wiles


Posted 7:16 pm, 10/19/2018

Good people of Elkin I would like to point out that you cannot attack someone’s religion if in fact that person has no religion. If you you read the below comments you will see that even his own friend will argue this point for me. It does not take very long after seeing who John Worthless Wiles is before you realize he actually stands for nothing. He is your typical social justice warrior that has dedicated his self to pushing the most disgusting policies of any local politician. (Can you be a politician if you have never won an election?). Good people of Elkin please, once again, remind Worthless that he is not fit to hold public office and provide him with yet another embarrassing defeat.


Posted 6:47 pm, 10/19/2018

Good people of Elkin please notice the comments and personal attacks therealelkin has spoken on someone for their religious beliefs. I'm pretty sure therealelkin if asked would declare themselves to be a good Christian person. obviously a conservative Christian (whatever that is) folks, this crap is counterproductive. If you have to resort to name calling to articulate your point then as far as i'm concerned you have already lost the argument


Posted 6:41 pm, 10/19/2018

Liberals always want to play the part of a victim.


Posted 6:40 pm, 10/19/2018

What do you mean attacking a man for his religious believes? I simply pointed out that he attacked mine.


Posted 6:33 pm, 10/19/2018

Please cut and paste

What’s your point on republicans not supporting Demo_rat legislation?


Posted 5:59 pm, 10/19/2018

Health Insurance Reform, to recognize health care as a right, not a privilege and put a stop to the worst abuses by insurance companies including discrimination against people with pre-existing medical conditions. [OPPOSED BY 100 % OF HOUSE REPUBLICANS]
The Economic Recovery Act, to save and create millions of jobs and cut taxes for 98 percent of Americans. [OPPOSED BY 100 % OF HOUSE REPUBLICANS]
The Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act, to make the largest investment in college aid in American history. [OPPOSED BY 100 % OF HOUSE REPUBLICANS]
Wall Street Reform, to rein in reckless practices on Wall Street, end taxpayer-funded bail-outs and “too big to fail” institutions, and protect and empower consumers. [OPPOSED BY A MAJORITY OF HOUSE REPUBLICANS]


Posted 5:50 pm, 10/19/2018

Attacking the man for his religious beliefs is down right unamerican, you've got some nerve calling yourself a good and moral American. shameful and disgusting to hear someone claiming to be a good American talking like this. You presume a lot. I'm going to cut and paste your comments and use them as a tool to clarify just how important it is as Democrats that we win this mid-term election. just terrible


Posted 12:39 pm, 10/19/2018

John Worthless Wiles, advocate for atheists everywhere, hero to the socialists and social justice warriors across district 90.

Do you think he will be able to keep it under a 5,000 vote loss????


Posted 11:44 am, 10/19/2018

funny, as if Sarah has ever broken ranks. She has been in lock step with the Republican Party on every issue. frankly, that's what she is there for and probably pretty good at it. I won't attack her personally, don't know the lady. I will oppose and attack the agenda. We need a bottom up approach to social issues and in my opinion the Democratic Party best serves those needs.


Posted 10:32 am, 10/19/2018

You have actually made my point. Wiles will do nothing to protect or support our moral, Christian values.

If you want a leader who will only blindly follow the liberal agenda and be an advocate for atheism then John is your man.

If you want a person who will stand up for Christian Values and support the way of life this area lives then Sarah Stevens is your candidate.


Posted 12:08 am, 10/19/2018

Thank you, you just made my point. We can both quote from the fore fathers to make our point.. Which is simply saying, not all citizens of this country agree on this subject. not now, not then but does that make somebody who disagrees with our opinion somehow bad? Are we so shallow in our opinions and believes both pollical and also religious that we cannot at least see both sides of an issue without name calling. John Wiles served as the Democratic chairman for Surry Co. for I believe two years. It was during his tenure that I was elected to be a precinct chairperson. I know enough about the man to know two things, one is he does have a desire to be not just a public servent but a good one, and second John has a good working knowledge on how to get things done. I've seen these things in the man. He has leadership skills and knows how to work with people. exactly what we need. This hardline hateful, mean spirited politics, this division is making us more vulnerable to our enemies and has our allies scratching there heads. it makes us look weak and needs to stop.


Posted 9:26 pm, 10/18/2018

There are many historical quotes to chose from:

“The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity. I will avow that I then believed, and now believe, that those general principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the existence and attributes of God.”

Again, John Adams

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