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does anyone know if there is free tire rotation with oil change in Wilkes or Elkin area


Posted 10:51 am, 07/12/2019



Posted 10:00 am, 07/12/2019

NTB does free tire rotation when you get an oil change, but I'm not sure if there's one in Elkin.


Posted 5:18 pm, 07/11/2019

Some tire stores will rotate and check air for $10 plus tax.Some charge $20 and more if tires need to be balanced.No Free Lunches anymore!

tell it as I see it

Posted 5:04 pm, 07/11/2019

I thought I saw a advertisement in Elkin area a few weeks ago but was not sure...that is why I asked. Thought someone might know or saw it also....


Posted 4:56 pm, 07/11/2019

There is a reason that most places won't rotate your tires unless you bought them from them (for free) and that's the warranty. Tire manufacturers are very picky about warranties on their tires, so tire shops don't want to take a chance of getting involved in anything such as that.


Posted 4:49 pm, 07/11/2019

Oh, t i a I s i:: Ya need some Whine with dat? I wasn't trying to be a S/A nor did i mention anything out of reason.. Just a little Common Sense will carry you far in this world, well maybe...Yea, i'm sure yo screen name is on a Birth Certificate.... Somewhere, maybe not in Wilkes or Surry though...


Posted 4:18 pm, 07/11/2019

I can kind of see where Marie is coming from. She could have probably said it in a little nicer way though. Sometimes people have unrealistic expectations for businesses. I would not expect anyone to rotate my tires for free if I did not purchase the tires to be rotated from them. Tools, equipment, machines, and qualified employees are not cheap. Don't get me wrong.. I like free stuff too but I also like to see good businesses make enough money to keep the doors open.

tell it as I see it

Posted 2:36 pm, 07/11/2019

Thank you everyone for the information..... except the **** Marie whatever the crazy name is....some people hide behind a different name just to be a smart***.....


Posted 7:37 am, 07/11/2019

North Elkin tire rotates tires for free providing you buy the tires from them.


Posted 7:05 am, 07/11/2019

Marie....whatever...is being a ****. To answer your question in earnest. You’re not likely to find a place willing to do this. Unless you have a coupon. Unless you’re a regular somewhere then you’re probably not gonna get a coupon. Rotating takes time and labor plus time on a car lift. What you’re asking for is basically free labor. The best you can hope for is to get maybe a small discount on both the oil change and tire rotation. Just take it somewhere and try maybe negotiating. Good luck.!!


Posted 6:50 am, 07/11/2019

**** or whatever t i a I s i.. I'm saying, it's like buying a new set of tires & ask for a free alignment.. Sure they'll give ya one for $30-$40 more for the set of tires.. Why ya think a tire dealer spends $$$$ for alignment equipment? Just to give FREE alignments? Most dealers will rotate them FREE one time after purchase, then ya can PAY for oil change if'in needed... Also i'll still take one of those Left-Handers if any left fo Free of course...

tell it as I see it

Posted 9:31 pm, 07/10/2019

I am serious.....what the crap Marie Laveau? why be a ****?


Posted 7:35 pm, 07/10/2019

Me don't use it, yet ya got any of dat stuff you smok'in left?? I try it anyway...

tell it as I see it

Posted 7:26 pm, 07/10/2019

Looking for oil change with free tire rotation

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