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Cheaters every where you go


Posted 7:24 am, 06/30/2023

Good way to ruin a good time.

Angry Troll aint worth a hoot anyways.


Posted 2:11 am, 06/30/2023

Tgat that sucks


Posted 12:47 am, 06/30/2023

What's even the point of playing if you have to cheat? There's no pride in winning like that, and if there's no big prize then why? They're just ruining the game for everyone else, for nothing


Posted 12:36 am, 06/30/2023

yo 168! How ya been dude?!
Digital B by black sabbath
CERN powers 5G... I know another riddle.no.


Posted 12:28 am, 06/30/2023

Been playing pub trivia on Thursday nights in Elkin. Even though the rules say no phones, one team had 3 people on their phones the whole time. Not like their is a big prize or anything.When my friend pointed this out to the lady running the game she just put a slide up on the screen saying no phones.n Duh. Didnt phase the googleing champions of the Angry Troll. The troll lost 4 good customers tonight. Wont be back

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