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220 lose jobs today in Surry, Wilkes employees


Posted 9:08 am, 04/12/2019


Posted 9:05 am, 04/12/2019

After second thought it was both parties that sold out manufacturing.


Posted 7:21 am, 04/12/2019

Yes Rose it was definitely republican policies that started the manufacturing apocalypse in the 90’s.


Posted 1:27 am, 04/12/2019

And yet voters in Wilkes continue to blindly vote for Repubs each election


Posted 12:37 am, 04/12/2019

This is confirmed about Hanes:

“We have done all that we can over the years to keep our Mount Airy facility competitive in the global sock manufacturing industry,” said Mike Faircloth, president of global supply chain, information technology and e-commerce for Hanes. “Unfortunately, the higher costs of raw materials, including polyester, in the Western Hemisphere, necessitate that we realign our global sock manufacturing. We have a great workforce and management team at the plant who have been instrumental in keeping the facility productive for four decades. We regret the need to close the facility, and we hope to mitigate the impact by placing as many employees who want jobs in our distribution centers.”

To remain cost competitive, the company said it will begin purchasing some of the socks it makes in its El Salvador sock plant in Central America from large-scale specialty producers in Asia.

The Mount Airy production will move to the available capacity in El Salvador.


They plan to begin reducing production in May, and will be gone by October.

I haven't heard anything about LP yet, but that would be a huge loss for the county! Please keep us posted if you hear anything more or can confirm, BoomBoomBoom.


Posted 10:48 pm, 04/11/2019

LP (Louisiana Pacific)???

I sure hope not! This county needs to gain jobs, not lose them.


Posted 9:09 pm, 04/11/2019

Not entirely off topic, but isn't that manufacturing business in Roaring River shutting down or something? I can't remember what it is called for the life of me. "Abba Tibbie" is what I recall folks pronouncing it. It's something different now.


Posted 9:00 pm, 04/11/2019

The economy is the best it's ever been. How can that be?


Posted 8:51 pm, 04/11/2019

I know several commuters to the hands brand manufacturing plant lost their job today. I was kind of shocked we would lose even more jobs after everything that has happened. Source: WXII12

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