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Game Changes for Wednesday and Thursday!!


Posted 6:22 pm, 09/14/2018

I was impressed mainly by a couple of things with N.Wilkes...1) How little time it took for N.W to impose their will on Forbush and leave no doubt. 2) How stout their run defense looked against Forbush.
Their line dominated Forbush on both sides of the ball. Consistency is the key. Can they keep it up?


Posted 11:32 am, 09/14/2018

I have seen North wilkes play two games this year and they love to spot the other teams about 3 touchdowns or 21 points for some reason then they play their butts off to overcome this in the secound half ,,,,Against South Stokes they fumbled inside the thirty twice and threw an interception that set south stokes up with easy scores ,with Forbush they played 4 quarters instead of two .Now that is based on what I've seen ,,,,of course North Stokes game was a mercy mission ,,,I saw the Forbush ,East game and Forbush didnt look that bad it was close at halftime then East stepped it up a notch and pulled away ,,,,Then Forbush beats Starmount handily ,,,,So it looks like North has improved ,,and East has improved but North's improvement is the better of the two


Posted 12:42 am, 09/14/2018

Very surprised with NW's performance here; they musta turned it up 20 notches out of nowhere.'

Their D struggled bad vs. us on offense when we scrimmaged them vs both sides of it. They still need to prep for the pass better they get eat but by RPO plays quite easily. They are tons better passing it was the only thing they could do. But their D has struggled hard early. Bishop played them tough and South Stokes scored all those points on them.

What happened to Forbush? They just come out with no life or is NW that much better than them?


Posted 10:43 pm, 09/13/2018

They had a good defensive plan tonight.#42 for Forbush ran for 230 + yds against Starmount..and he also gave EW fits for a half. NW had no trouble at all containing him all night. I didn' t expect to be impressed by NW but i was pleasantly surprised by their offense.


Posted 9:51 pm, 09/13/2018

Yeah just think what if North Wilkes had a defense ,,,,just going by the comments I been reading


Posted 9:37 pm, 09/13/2018

N.Wilkes looked very good against Forbush. They scored at will. I left at halftime, with score 35-0. Forbush had a td pass called back. Other than that, Forbush was shutdown in every phase of the game. NW qb threw 4 td passes in the first half and spreads the ball around well to his receivers. He also had all day in the pocket, as the big hogs blocked for him very well. N.Wilkes has a good shot at finishing in the top 3 in the MVAC..that is if they play as consistent as they did tonight. EW will have their hands completely full trying to guard that spread offense. They need to focus and come prepared as N.W runs that offense well. Forbush wasn't a great measuring stick..but N.W handled them a lot better than the Cards did. Either way, hoping for a great injury free game between the Cards and Vikes next week.


Posted 8:39 pm, 09/11/2018

Due to hurricane, the North Wilkes football teams has moved games up. JV football will play at Forbush Wednesday night 7pm while varsity host Forbush Thursday at 7pm. Soccer make up with South Stokes is cancel!!

From maxpreps, South Stokes @ Elkin 7pm and West Wilkes @ Bunker Hill 7pm Thursday night

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