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Any predictions on East vs North


Posted 9:49 am, 09/23/2018

My mistake, we left in 3rd quarter, didn't know NW had come that close to EW.


Posted 9:48 am, 09/23/2018

There's not that much difference in the two teams ,,,East was given a gift in the first two quarters called ,,,turn overs and penalties and East took advantage of them ,,,,,if you saw the game I saw and call it like it is ,that should be the correct assessment,,,,,now lets talk about the next two quarters ,,,momentum was definite swing to North and they took advantage of a few penalties that East had ,,,but East did not gift the ball to North on turnovers like North did for East in the first half ,,,,,and by my roster sheet all them East 1st stringers were not watching from the bench they were on the field playing ball ,,,,if North had played three quarters of football like the last two quarters they would have beaten East ,,,,,,I'am not an East or North fan but that/s the game I saw Friday night ,,,,just wanted to see a good game because I was told it was good competition in the conference race


Posted 7:50 pm, 09/22/2018

EW won..but we looked like we were hanging on for dear life at the end...Ole Mo had definitely swung N.W way. All the penalties and missed pass assignments for EW that turned a blow out into a respectable score. That definitely shouldn't have happened. We were up BIG...similar to the Elkin game last year...No EW fan in their right mind can say that didnt see flash backs of the Elkin game of last year in the back of their mind. I sure did.


Posted 7:45 pm, 09/22/2018

I dont remember saying anything about EW dominating N.Wilkes...EW won...as far as i know..they did dominate NW from early in the 2nd qtr until late in the 3rd and was up by 26 or so points..


Posted 7:19 pm, 09/22/2018

North does this every year. They play an extremely weak non conference to get to 4-0 and then get exposed once conference play starts. Same with West. Central will win conference again.


Posted 6:42 pm, 09/22/2018

Topflight what game are you talking about? EW dominated NW. NW only scored once against East starters,


Posted 6:35 pm, 09/22/2018

i think East was helped alot in the 1 st half with all the North penalties and all the stupid turnovers that North had ,,,,,the teams looked fairly even to me its just that North had the most damaging turnovers and long runs called back Didnt matter to me who won just wanted to see a good game


Posted 7:58 am, 09/22/2018

Game was not even that close. NW was helped by some untimely penalties throughout the game and maybe EW let up a little. That part is hard to tell. That’s the only reason it was even close. NW boys were beat and had given up.


Posted 10:54 pm, 09/21/2018

Congratulations EW you guys proved me wrong and im glad to eat my crow on this one. You guys jumped on NW and stayed on them for a good 2 qtrs which was just enough to pull off the win in the end. Great effort. Again congratulations on the win..good job on hushing my mouth.


Posted 10:29 pm, 09/21/2018

Lights out?


Posted 7:45 pm, 09/21/2018

Wasn’t able to attend the West WC game. Listening to it on the radio. Didn’t realize how pro WW the radio crew was. They get so excited when West does anything Lol.


Posted 5:17 pm, 09/21/2018

I think you are half right Church is going to score all night, it’s just going to be the EW Church.


Posted 2:46 pm, 09/21/2018

North is gonna be lights out tonight Chipmans gonna pass for 300 and Church is gonna score all night and the lines gonna be stout


Posted 6:00 pm, 09/17/2018

EW fan to the core. However, I have seen every EW game this year. The product that NW put on the field against Forbush and the way they(NW) played..It could be a rout. I was highly impressed by NW and didnt expect to be. Honestly..the NW team that i saw..are serious conference contenders. Their run game looked a little soft, but their passing game could expose teams that aren't ready for it. Their defense was good against the run as they truly dominated a huge Forbush line. EW had more trouble with Forbush than the 49-19 score indicated. NW was dominant against Forbush and left NO DOUBT at all. Just my take. EW defense is yet to impress me. I hope they do this Friday night. Prediction and this hurts; NW 35 EW 24


Posted 9:48 am, 09/17/2018

Ok We know these two schools have had some lite competition so far this season and their schedule is getting ready to beef up some ,,,so does anybody have any predictions on the outcome of this game ,,,My thinking is they are about equal ,,,,I have to give the nod to North because of the Forbush game ,,,which both schools played Forbush and North had a better result ,,,just my two cents worth ,but we can have some clean fun with our predictions

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